SBA Certified 8(a) MBE/DBE
Certified SBE, MBE/DBE

LAN & WAN Applications

Driven by applications such as fiber-to-the-Subscriber (FTTx) and high-speed Internet access, 100-Base and Gigabit Ethernet has become the LAN protocol of choice. WAN applications are requiring much greater bandwidth. OC-48 is fast becoming the standard for SONET, TDM and ATM backbones.


With the high cost of installing new optical fiber, many users are looking at voice, video and data multiplexing as a means of integrating all of their applications on a limited fiber backbone. The most common topology is "a ring". This will allow for complete counter rotating redundancy of the network with a fast loop back recovery. In most instances, today's multiplexing systems "self heal" in 100 milliseconds or less. In addition, multiplexing gives you the option of adding or eliminating applications from the system in a cost effective way. Whether you wish to run small or large networks, connect multiple locations or run multiple applications on a fiber optic infrastructure, multiplexing just might be the solution for you.